The Black Hill's trusted experts in tree care.

The tree professionals at Blue Sky Tree Company are dedicated to the expert care of your trees and shrubs.

Trees are an extremely important and valuable part of our landscape.

They provide beauty, shade, screens and improve the air we breath.

Based in Rapid City Serving Black Hills & surrounding areas

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Tree Care

The care of your trees is of paramount importance to us.

Our expert arborists can do complete inspections of your trees as we assess the health and condition of the tree.

We take the time to look at the tree from the ground to the crown to give you the best information possible.

… a wealth of information as I asked all my tree related questions - tips on what to plant and where, how to trim branches, what the mysterious trees that surround my property are …
Kristie Pequette, customer review

Tree Planting

Like all plants trees need to be planted in the right conditions and properly cared for if they are to grow well.

Tree planting is a passion of ours that gives back to the environment and improves the places we live.

They know what they are doing and finished half a day early, so came in under our estimate! They even cleaned up areas beyond my expectations. Call Blue Sky Tree Co.!
Kristi T, customer review

Pruning & Removal

We provide quality tree pruning to remove deadwood and shape the tree to provide optimal tree health.

Our specialists can identify live and dead wood in all seasons!

… removed 2 large cottonwoods from property and did a great job. I feel his charge was a great value. Paul's entire crew was pleasant and hard working. They don't mess around and left my property in great shape.
Joe Reiser, customer review

Trees In Tight Spaces

Trees can often grow to encroach on property and utilities and can become a danger in strong weather.

We can provide an expert assessment and where action is required we are specialists in removing trees in difficult locations.

Very professional and reasonably priced. They did a great job removing a tree in a tight spot. I would recommend them to anyone and would hire them again.
Jack Griffith, customer review

Pests & Diseases

As a part of the natural habitat, trees can be susceptible to pests and diseases

Our experts have the training and local Knowledge to diagnose the full range of tree pest and disease conditions.

Blue Sky Tree Company are fantastic. We couldn’t be happier with their services. They were prompt, super efficient and very professional.
Paula Wimp, customer review

Forest Management

If you have acreage and require forest management, we will assess the area and work with you to make a plan that fits your needs.

We'll account for the full range of forest requirements such as fire mitigation and long term forest health.

Exceptional work is an understatement. They went above and beyond what I expected. Will use them again and highly recomend them.
Cindy Dreps, customer review

Utility Line Clearance

Clearing dangerous growth from around utility lines is a job for experienced professionals.

Our team have years of experience and a perfect track record of making South Dakota's utilities safe at an affordable price.

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